What we can investigate


The Ombudsman has the power to investigate complaints about state and local government authorities.

State Government Authorities

State government authorities include all Victorian government departments:

  • State Development, Business and Innovation
  • Education & Early Childhood Development
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Justice
  • Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure
  • Premier and Cabinet
  • Environment and Primary Industries
  • Treasury and Finance.

The Ombudsman also has jurisdiction over most statutory authorities, such as:

  • Selected professional boards (e.g. Legal Services Board)
  • Transport Accident Commission
  • Universities and other tertiary institutions
  • Worsafe Victoria
  • VicRoads

Local Government

Actions by staff of local councils in relation to matters such as:

  • enforcement of parking, building or planning regulations
  • nuisance control
  • rate and service charges
  • liability claims against Council
  • drainage matters
  • roads, construction, maintenance and closures
  • contracts or agreements with Council
  • building matters
  • planning and subdivisions permits, advertising and zoning.

What we cannot investigate

The Ombudsman is not able to investigate complaints about:

  • Victoria Police officers and staff
  • private organisations such as banks, finance companies or shops
  • disputes between individuals
  • departments and authorities of the Commonwealth and states, other than Victoria
  • decisions by Ministers of the Crown
  • decisions made by courts and tribunals

Unless there are special circumstances, the Ombudsman does not investigate:

  • complaints more than 12 months old
  • complaints which may be appropriately decided by a court or tribunal (for this reason, the Ombudsman does not usually investigate complaints about infringements).